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Principles of Project Management


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Course Requirements and Grading Policy

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Required Text: J. Meredith and S. Mantel. Project Management: A Managerial Approach. Eighth Edition. Wiley.

Other Recommended Texts:

B. Biafore. Microsoft Project 2013: The Missing Manual.

R. Mulcahy. CAPM Exam Prep. Second Edition.

Computer requirements: A laptop is required, and you are required to be able to run Windows. You will be required to install Microsoft Project 2013. Complete instructions are given here. We will also use Microsoft Excel (version 2007 or later.)

MSP Download Instructions


Students will be graded on the following activities:

  • 20%   Midterm on Planning, Chapters 1, 6-9

  • 20%   Assignments and Quizzes

  • 20%   Dream Project Proposal

  • 20%   Midterm on Initiation and Execution, Chapters 2-5, 11, 13

  • 15%   Dream Project Team Work

  • 5%     Class participation

Class participation will be evaluated by the instructor. Unless I know you are someone who regularly misses class without an explanation, or does not pay attention or participate when in class, you should receive full credit for class participation.



Due date

DP Email sent and confirmed

Mon 9/25/17

Quiz on Ch7 HW

Tue 9/26/17

Quiz on Ch8 HW

Tue 10/3/17

Quiz on Ch9 HW

Tue 10/10/17

DP Proposal Submitted

Tue 10/17/17

Midterm 1

Tue 10/17/17

Evals of Peer Proposals Submitted

Tue 10/24/17

Quiz on Ch 2 HW

Tue 10/31/17 (delayed)

Turn in rankings

Mon 10/30/17

Quiz on Ch 10,11 HW

Tue 11/7/17

Midterm 2

Tue 11/28/17

Turn in closing docs

Fri 12/15/17



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Tentative Syllabus                              Back to Top, Slides, Grading

The objectives of this course are made official in the Course Charter.

Typical syllabus information for this course will be communicated via Microsoft Project files.

The most up-to-date version of the syllabus will always be available for download here:


You can use the "Compare Projects" feature under the Project tab to compare older versions to the up-to-date version.

Older versions will be stored here with dates in the names:



Assignments, PDFs and MS Word Documents:

Dream Project Assignment

Dream Example, a solid example of a Dream Project Proposal to inspire you

Dream Example2, a solid example of a Dream Project Proposal to inspire you

Learning Curve                            (A sample problem done in class.)

Chapter 7 Problems Assignment

Learning Curve Tutorial                (A guide made by former students to help you with learning curve problems)

MSP Budgeting Notes                  (Notes on organizing budget information using MS Project. Covered on the first Midterm.)

Chapter 8 Problems Assignment

PERT Tutorial                              (A guide made by former students to help you with PERT problems)

AdditionalPERT                           (An additional problem showing the subtle problems with using PERT)

Crashing                                      (My guide to setting up a crashing problem with Excel and solver.)

Chapter 9 Problems Assignment


Chapter 2 Problems Assignment

EVA                                           (Instructions on performing Earned Value Analysis in MSP.)

Chapter 10 & 11 Problems Assignment

ClosingGuide                              (Instructions on compiling a closing document for the Dream Project.)


Excel Files:

Examples of learning curve problems:                       PM9-21.xlsx

Solutions to the Chapter 7 Homework:                    PMch07HW.xlsx

Template for PERT problems:                                 PERT_Template.xlsx

Example of a PERT problem:                                   PM9-28.xlsx

Solutions to the Chapter 8 Homework:                    PMch08HW.xlsx

Solutions to the Chapter 9 Homework:                    PMch09HW.xlsx

Some Crashing Problems from Chapter 9:                PM10-5.xlsx


Showing how to do NPV and IRR from the slides:   PM10-19.xlsx

Solutions to the Chapter 2 Homework:                    PMch02HW.xlsx

Solutions to the Chapter 10 and 11 Homework:       PMch10and11HW.xlsx

Showing how to do Earned Value on 10.13:            PM11-2.xlsx

Earned Value quiz and on 10.14, from the Review:  PM11-16.xlsx


Microsoft Project Files:

Pasta Dinner, our first example of an MSP file from the in-class tutorial

Calendars, Using calendars for the project and for individual resources

Budget Example, a brief example to show you how to compile budgets from the bottom up and view from several angles in MSP

Project8.8, a problem from chapter 8 done in class

Project8.11 (Part of the solutions to the Chapter 8 homework.)

Painting (Made up in class, talking about units and lags)

Leveling1 (Made up in class, talking about leveling)

Leveling2 (Made up in class, talking about leveling)

Project9.5before & Project9.5after (A book problem done in class to demonstrate leveling a generic resource)

Project9.13 (Part of the solutions to the Chapter 9 homework.)


Project10.10 (Part of the solutions to the chapter 10 Homework Assignment.)

Project10.13 (A book problem done in class to demonstrate Earned Value Analysis)

Project10.14 (A book problem done in class to demonstrate Earned Value Analysis)


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Lectures Slides (MS PowerPoint )                                         

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Slides                          Topic                                                        Chapter From Meredith and Mantel

Lecture 1                      Getting to Know Each Other                      (None) 

Lecture 2                      Introduction to the PM and the Course       (None)

Lecture 3                      Projects in Contemporary Organizations     Chapter 1

Tutorial 1                      A First Introduction to MS Project             (None)

Lecture 4                      Project Activity and Risk Planning              Chapter 6

Lecture 5                      Budgeting: Estimating Costs and Risks        Chapter 7

Lecture 6                      Scheduling                                                 Chapter 8

Lecture 7                      Resource Allocation                                   Chapter 9

Review                         Review for the first Midterm Exam


Lecture 8                      Strategic Mgmt and Project Selection         Chapter 2

Lecture 9                      The Project Manager                                 Chapter 3

Lecture 10                    Managing Conflict and Negotiation             Chapter 4

Lecture 11                    Projects in the Organizational Structure       Chapter 5

Lecture 12                    Monitoring and Controlling                         Chapters 10 and 11

Lecture 13                    Project Termination                                    Chapter 13

Review                         Review for the second Midterm Exam


Lecture 14                    Last Day Takeaways



External Links

The Project Management Institute (PMI): www.pmi.org

The Southern New England Chapter of PMI: www.snec-pmi.org

Microsoft Project User's Group (MPUG): www.mpug.com

Association for Project Management (APM, serving Europe): www.apm.org.uk

International Project Management Association (IPMA, global): www.ipma.ch


Academic Dishonesty
Behavior that appears to be cheating cannot and will not be tolerated and will be punished appropriately (from earning NO CREDIT on a quiz or assignment to a failing grade in the class.)

Behavior that appears to be cheating should be prevented by students and/or reported to the instructor.

For each quiz there will be at least two different versions, and different versions will be printed on different colored paper, allowing the instructor to visually verify that adjacent students take different versions. This is designed to nullify any benefit of looking at an adjacent student's answers. However, if a student is foolish enough to write down an answer that could only apply to a different version of the quiz/test, that student will automatically receive a failing grade on that quiz/test.

School of Business Academic Honesty Statement.

Disclaimer: The instructor reserves the right to amend, adjust, or otherwise modify this course outline at any time during the course. The students will be notified in a timely fashion of any modification, by email or announcement in class.